How Much Is An Embroidery Machine Cost?


Owning an embroidery machine has become increasingly popular due to the growing demand for customized products and personalized designs. Suppose you have decided to invest in an embroidery machine. How much does an embroidery machine cost? Throughout this article, I will explain How Much Is An Embroidery Machine Costs, from cheap models that are budget-friendly to more sophisticated commercial machines that are more expensive.

My goal is to provide all the details and insights you need to make an informed decision so that you can begin embroidery without financial surprises. Let’s get started without wasting any more time.

How Much Does a Cheap Embroidery Machine Cost?

A cheap embroidery machine can be a great investment to add a personal touch to your clothing or home decor. With prices ranging from $200 to $1,500, these machines are affordable and accessible. They may not be suitable for professional use, but they are perfect for small business projects or home use.

Customize your favorite tees, towels, or pillowcases. With a cheap embroidery machine, you have the power to do just that. You can showcase your creativity and personalize your items with simple steps. It is also a rewarding hobby that allows you to express yourself.

How Much Is An Embroidery Machine

Not only can you benefit from the joy of creating unique pieces, but you can also save money by doing it yourself. Instead of paying extra for customized items at stores or online, you can make them at home using your affordable embroidery machine. It is like having your mini boutique right in your living room.

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What is the Cost of a Commercial Embroidery Machine?

Depending on its model, brand, and features, an embroidery machine for commercial use can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $17,000. But let me tell you, investing in one of these machines is worth it. With a commercial embroidery machine, you can take your creativity to the next level and start your own embroidery business or expand an existing one.

Heavy-duty machines like these are designed for heavy-duty work and use materials that are commercial-grade, meaning they stitch well and are durable. The commercial embroidery machine is ideal for custom designs on clothing, hats, bags, and accessories like pillows and curtains. You can also speed up production and achieve professional results with advanced features like automatic thread cutting.

Not only will owning a commercial embroidery machine open up new opportunities for you in terms of customization and personalization, but it can also be a profitable business investment. If you are an embroiderer, you can sell your creations online or to local businesses, sports teams, and schools. The possibilities are endless! If you are passionate about embroidery and ready to take it to the next level, investing in a commercial embroidery machine is smart.

How Much Is An Embroidery Machine

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Features Affecting An Embroidery Machine Price

Embroidery Speed

When it comes to cheap and commercial embroidery machines, the main difference lies in the embroidery speed. Let me break it down for you. Cheap embroidery machines are often designed for home use or small businesses. They typically have a slower embroidery speed, ranging from 300 to 600 stitches per minute. While this may be sufficient for personal projects or low-volume orders, more is needed to meet the demands of larger commercial operations.

On the other hand, commercial embroidery machines are built to handle high-volume production. They stitch at lightning-fast speeds, usually 800 to 1,500 stitches per minute. That is like turbocharging your stitching process. With such impressive speeds, you can quickly complete large orders and boost your business efficiency.

Think about your embroidery needs and how much work you will do when selecting an embroidery machine. If you are starting or working on smaller projects, a cheap machine with a lower speed might be more suitable. But if you are ready to take on larger orders and want to maximize productivity, investing in a commercial machine with its fast speed will be well worth it.

Multi-Needle & Single Needle

Single-needle machines are perfect for beginners or hobbyists who want to get started with embroidery. They are more affordable and easier to use, making them a great choice for personal projects or small-scale businesses. If your design requires multiple colors, remember that you will have to change thread colors manually with a single needle.

Multi-needle machines are an important tool for embroiderers and professionals. You can load different thread colors simultaneously with multiple needles, saving you time and effort. That makes them ideal for larger projects or high-volume production. A multi-need embroidery machine usually has advanced features such as automatic thread trimming and pattern rotation, making stitching much easier.

Embroidery Designs

A cheap embroidery machine usually comes with a limited number of built-in designs, which can be disappointing if you want to explore a wide range of creative possibilities. Embroidery machines with professional capabilities usually have a large library of preloaded designs. That is a major advantage as it allows you to easily access and experiment with various design styles, patterns, and themes.

How Much Is An Embroidery Machine

It is a great advantage to access a variety of embroidery designs since it allows you to customize and personalize your garments to your exact specifications. If you want to decorate garments, create unique gifts, or add decorative touches to home decor items, the variety of design options will ensure you have ideas. You can also import or download new custom designs from online sources on professional embroidery machines, further expanding your creative options.

Free-Arm Configuration

Cheap embroidery machines typically come with a flatbed configuration, while professional embroidery machines often have a free-arm configuration. So why is the free-arm configuration better? Well, let me tell you!

First, the free-arm configuration allows easier and more convenient embroidery on round or circular items such as sleeves, cuffs, and pant legs. With a flatbed machine, handling these types of items and getting accurate embroidery placement can be challenging. But with a free-arm machine, you can slide the item onto the arm and easily rotate it to embroider all around without any trouble.

A free-arm embroidery machine is also versatile when it comes to embroidery projects. It allows you to work on smaller or irregularly shaped items like hats, bags, and pockets with minimal effort. Accessing these hard-to-reach areas ensures that your embroidery designs are consistent and precise throughout the project.

Touch Screen Display

Cheap embroidery machines may have a touchscreen display, but there are big differences between them and commercial embroidery machines. Cheap embroidery machines often have small, low-resolution screens that can be frustrating to navigate. Commercial embroideries have large, high-quality touch screens, making designing and editing embroidery patterns much easier. The clarity and responsiveness of these displays truly transform your sewing experience.

A second advantage of commercial embroidery machines is that they have touch screens packed with advanced features that allow greater design customization and control. From adjusting stitch density to resizing and rotating patterns with ease, these machines give you the power to bring your creative vision to life.

How Much Is An Embroidery Machine

The best way to get the best user experience with embroidery is to use a commercial embroidery machine with a high-quality touchscreen display.

Other Features

There is a clear difference between cheap and commercial options regarding embroidery machines. A cheap embroidery machine usually doesn’t offer the precision and durability necessary for professional-grade embroidery since they are limited in features and capabilities. But commercial embroidery machines are designed with advanced technology and robust construction to handle high-volume production and deliver exceptional results.

You should consider investing in a commercial embroidery machine. The first advantage of commercial machines is that they are equipped with various features, allowing you more creative freedom. You can easily create complex, unique designs with their built-in design libraries, multiple needles, and larger hoop sizes.

A second advantage of commercial embroidery machines is their durability. These machines are made from high-quality materials and components, which allows them to stand up to heavy use for a long time. That means you do not have to worry about frequent breakdowns or costly repairs.

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FAQs about How Much Is An Embroidery Machine

Which type of embroidery machine is best?

The best type of embroidery machine depends on your specific needs and preferences. An embroidery machine should be chosen based on several factors, such as your skill level, budget, and the types of projects you plan to complete.

A basic home embroidery machine may be your best option if you are a beginner or on a tight budget. These machines usually have fewer features but are great for learning and practicing embroidery techniques. They are also more affordable compared to professional-grade machines.

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Investing in a high-quality commercial embroidery machine might make sense if you want to start a small business or are an experienced embroiderer. These machines offer more advanced features and capabilities, allowing you to create intricate designs and handle larger volumes of work.

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Are cheap embroidery machines worth investing in?

It depends on your needs and expectations. If you are starting in embroidery and want to practice your skills or create simple designs, a cheap machine might be worth considering. It is important to note that these machines often have limited capabilities and may produce less good results than more expensive models.

How much does a Hat Embroidery Machine cost?

It will depend on the quality, the brand, and the features of the embroidery machine that you choose. A normal hat embroidery machine can range from $2,000 to $10,000. Less expensive machines might not be as precise and durable as more expensive ones.

If you are starting or have a limited budget, a machine like the Brother Persona PRS100 could be a good option. The machine costs around $5,000 and is suitable for basic hat embroidery projects.

Can I find commercial-grade embroidery machines at affordable prices?

You can find commercial-grade embroidery machines at an affordable price. One option that I suggest is the Bernette B79. This machine offers professional-level embroidery capabilities while still being reasonably priced. It is a versatile machine that allows you to create detailed designs.

The Bernette B79 features a large embroidery area, allowing you to work on larger projects without limitations. It also comes with a variety of built-in designs and fonts and provides you plenty of options to choose from. This machine also has advanced features like automatic thread cutting and thread tension adjustment, which make your embroidery process more efficient.

What should I consider when deciding on an embroidery machine’s price?

Consider these factors when choosing an embroidery machine’s price. First, You should identify your skill level and how often you plan to use the machine. If you are just getting started or plan to use it sparingly, it may not be worth investing in a high-end, expensive machine. But if you are an experienced embroiderer and planning on using the machine for business purposes, it might be worth the extra money for a more advanced model.

It is also important to consider the features and capabilities of the machine. Different machines offer varying levels of functionality, such as the number of built-in designs and fonts, hoop sizes, and stitching speed. Consider what specific features are important and match them with your embroidery goals. Be careful not to overspend on unnecessary features.

The last thing to consider is your budget. Set your spending limit based on your financial situation and stick to it. Even though many options are available, keep the variety of prices manageable. There are embroidery machines that will deliver quality results at various price points. You can save money when you find the right balance between price and value when purchasing an embroidery machine.

Can I find embroidery machines on sale or during promotions?

Looking around, you will find embroidery machines on sale or during promotions. Websites like Amazon and SewingMachinesPlus often offer special discounts on sewing and embroidery machines. It is always a good idea to watch for these promotions as they can help you save money.


This article provides all the information about cheap and commercial embroidery machine prices. I have covered all aspects of the How Much Is An Embroidery Machine, keeping in mind your needs and concerns. You should understand the price range and features of embroidery machines regardless of whether you are a small business owner or interested in starting a new hobby.

Factors such as budget, specifications, and customer reviews can help you make an informed decision. So go ahead and explore the market, compare prices, and find the perfect embroidery machine for your needs.

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