Best Sewing Machines under $500


Sewing is a wonderful hobby that can lead to creating beautiful, handmade pieces. A good sewing machine is the backbone of any sewing project; investing in one can make all the difference in your output. However, with many options available today, finding a Best Sewing Machines Under $500 can be overwhelming.

That’s why our team of experts has personally tested each sewing machines under $500 on this list to provide an in-depth analysis of its performance, durability, ease of use, and maintenance. We have done extensive research to provide detailed information on each machine’s features, performance, pros, and cons.

Let’s see the list of the best sewing machines under $500

List of the Best 11 Sewing Machines under $500

To help you make the right decision, we’ve compiled a list of the best 11 sewing machines under $500. Our list includes top-rated machines from respected brands like Singer, Brother, and Janome. Each machine has been carefully selected based on its features, durability, ease of use, and overall value for money. So whether you are looking for a simple model or something with more advanced features like automatic needle threading or built-in embroidery designs, our list has got you covered. Each machine on our list has been thoroughly researched and tested, ensuring they are reliable and easy to use.

So read on and discover sewing machines under $500!

  1. Singer Quantum Stylist 9960
  2. Brother XR9550
  3. Janome HD 3000
  4. Singer Heavy Duty 4452
  5. Singer 9985
  6. Brother CS6000i
  7. SINGER 4423
  8. Brother GX37
  9. SINGER Start 1304
  10. SINGER MX231
  11. SINGER Heavy Duty 4432

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

Sewing Machines under $500

There is no doubt that the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is one of the most expensive and luxurious sewing machines in the world today, but it is also included in the list of sewing machines under $500. With many advanced features, this machine offers unparalleled precision and ease of use to both beginner and experienced sewers alike. The Quantum Stylist has an impressive 600 built-in stitches, including basic, decorative, and stretch stitches that can be easily accessed through the machine’s LCD screen.

It has not one or two but thirteen different styles of one-step buttonholes. Therefore, whatever buttonhole you need for your project, this machine has got you covered. Whether you need a basic rectangular buttonhole or something more decorative like a keyhole or scalloped edge, the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 can handle it.

Quantum Stylist 9960 makes creating these buttonholes incredibly easy and efficient thanks to its automatic one-step process. All you have to do is select the style of buttonhole you want on the LCD screen, attach your button to the designated foot, and let the machine do the rest.

A unique feature of the Quantum Stylist is its ability to automatically thread needles with just a touch of a button. This saves time and effort while reducing eye strain for users who struggle with threading needles manually. Additionally, this machine has an adjustable speed control function that allows sewers to work at their own pace while still maintaining accuracy in their stitching. It has almost every feature one could ask for in a modern sewing machine.

Features of Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

  • Six hundred built-in stitches, including five alphanumeric fonts and 13 one-step buttonholes, provide endless creative options.
  • Automatic thread cutter and needle threader for efficient sewing.
  • Extension table included for larger projects.
  • Sewing speed control allows for precision stitching.
  • LCD screen displays stitch settings, and the machine remembers your most recent selections.
  • Built-in memory storage to save customized stitch combinations.
  • One-touch stitch selection makes it easy to switch between different stitches quickly.
  • A drop-in bobbin system that is easy to use and reduces the risk of tangled thread.


  • Versatility with over 600 built-in stitches.
  • Automatic needle threading and thread cutting for convenience.
  • Availability of both foot pedal and start/stop button
  • Handles more layers of fabric with better tension control.
  • Easy to use interface.


  • It can be noisy during operation.
  • Expensive compared to other sewing machines.


What are the best features of Singer Quantum Stylist 9960?

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 has several features that make it a popular sewing machine. These include a large touchscreen display, easy-to-use controls, and a variety of built-in stitches. Additionally, the machine has a wide range of fabrics that it can sew and a variety of accessories available to purchase.

What is the sewing speed of the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960?

Quantum Stylist 9960 sewing machine has 850 stitches per minute of speed.

What types of fabrics can Singer quantum stylist sew?

Singer quantum stylists can sew various fabrics, including polyester, cotton, silk, wool, cashmere, and nylon.

Is Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 good for beginners?

Yes, the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is a great sewing machine under $500 for beginners. It has many features that make it easy to use, such as a step-by-step guide and automatic threading.

Brother XR9550

Sewing Machines under $500

The Brother XR9550 is an excellent choice if you are searching for a sewing machines under $500 which is beginner-friendly to help you learn, practice, and perform basic sewing tasks, the Brother XR9550 is an excellent choice. This computerized sewing machine boasts 165 built-in stitches, including decorative and heirloom stitches and eight one-step buttonholes. With its easy-to-read LCD screen and intuitive stitch selection dial, this machine makes it easy to choose the right stitch for your project.

Brother XR9550 has an automatic needle threading system. Touch a lever on the side of the machine, and it will guide your thread through the eye of the needle – no more squinting or struggling to see. And if you ever run into any issues while using the machine, there are helpful tutorials built into the device.

The Brother sewing machines under $500 that gives you the best performance in your budget, and I suggest the Brother XR9550. It is worth considering.

Features of Brother XR9550

  • 165 built-in stitches, including decorative, heirloom, and quilting stitches
  • Eight styles of one-step auto-size buttonholes
  • Large LCD screen for easy stitch selection and customization
  • Advanced needle threading system for effortless threading
  • Drop feed for free-motion quilting and sewing on thick fabrics
  • Wide table for larger projects
  • Speed control slider for adjusting stitching speed
  • My Custom Stitch feature for creating personalized stitches
  • Jam-resistant Quick-Set drop-in top bobbin


  • Large and versatile work area
  • Reliable and durable
  • It comes with several accessories
  • Sews fine for thin layers of material
  • Lightweight and portable


  • It does not come with an embroidery function
  • Pre-set monogram font


What is the price of Brother XR9550?

The Brother XR9550 price is currently at $229.99.

Can I stitch Jeans or Leather with Brother XR9550?

Yes, the Brother XR9550 can stitch jeans and leather. It has various stitches and options, so you can create a unique piece of clothing.

Does this machine do saddle stitching?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the type of saddle stitching that a machine can do will vary depending on the model and make of the machine. However, some machines are specifically designed to do saddle stitching, a type of embroidery in which stitches are placed along the edge of a fabric piece, usually near the seam. This helps to create a finished look that is both durable and professional.

How do you quilt on a Brother XR9550 sewing machine?

There are a few different ways to quilt a Brother XR9550 sewing machine. One way is to use the automatic piecing feature. To do this, start by selecting the piece of fabric you want to quilt and then press the start button. The machine will then begin to piece the fabric together automatically. You can also use the manual quilting feature, which allows you to control every inch of the quilt.

Janome HD3000

Sewing Machines under $500

A sewing machines under $500 like the Janome HD3000 can be used by everyone from beginners to seasoned seamstresses. With its sturdy construction and reliable performance, this machine can easily handle even the toughest sewing projects. Whether working on quilting, embroidery, or garment making, this machine has everything you need.

The best feature of the Janome HD3000 is its powerful motor which provides plenty of torque for heavy-duty projects like denim or leather sewing. Another great factor of this machine is the wide range of stitch options that you can choose from, including straight stitches and complicated stitches. The adjustable stitch length and width allow you to customize your work according to your liking.

After testing Janome HD3000, we were impressed by the build quality of the Janome. This machine is solid and feels well-made, which gives us confidence that it will last many years. It also features a variety of helpful factors, such as adjustable stitch length and width, a built-in needle threader, and an easy-to-use drop-in bobbin system. In terms of performance, we found that the Janome HD3000 sews smoothly and quietly.

A Janome brand is well-known for producing top-quality sewing machines under $500 that balance durability, affordability, and functionality, making it an ideal option for consumers seeking value for their money.

Features of Janome HD3000

  • Eighteen built-in stitches, including both basic and decorative options.
  • One-step buttonhole function for easy creation of professional-quality buttonholes.
  • Heavy-duty construction with an aluminum body ensures durability and stability during use.
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure for handling different types of fabrics with ease.
  • Free arm sewing capability for working on smaller, difficult-to-reach areas like cuffs and sleeves.
  • Extra-high presser foot lift for accommodating thicker fabrics or multiple layers.
  • The machine has a built-in needle threader for added convenience.
  • Foot pressure adjustment makes it easy to work with different fabric types.
  • Reverse stitch lever for reinforcing seams and creating neat edges.
  • With a top speed of 860 stitches per minute (SPM), this machine is perfect for quickly tackling even the most complex sewing tasks.


  • Aluminum frame
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Heavy Duty
  • Best for beginner
  • Handles thick fabric


  • Some users have reported difficulty with adjusting the tension on the machine.
  • Winding the bobbin with this machine can be a bit tricky.


How do I order the Janome HD3000?

Suppose you want to order Janome HD3000. You can order it directly from Janome’s website or purchase it through Amazon or there are also other sellers. The Janome HD3000 is a high-dynamic range sewing machine with various features and capabilities. It is best sewing machine under $500 for those who want to sew with accuracy and precision.

What are the dimensions of the Janome HD3000?

Janome HD3000 is a 3-inch wide machine with a cutting width of 1-1/4 inches and a cutting depth of 5/8 inches.

Does Janome HD3000 need oil?

Yes, the Janome HD3000 does need oil. The machine has a small motor that helps it move the fabric and needs to be lubricated to function properly.

Singer Heavy Duty 4452

Singer Heavy Duty 4452

The Singer Heavy Duty 4452 is a mechanical sewing machine designed to sew efficiently and precisely. This machine comes with a range of features, making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to sew like a professional. A major benefits of this machine is its speed, which can reach up to 1,100 stitches per minute.

As well as being fast, the Singer Heavy Duty 4452 is also incredibly durable. It has been built using high-quality materials to withstand heavy use over time. In addition, this machine comes with useful accessories, such as needles, bobbins, and seam rippers, that will help you to start your projects immediately.

Also, this machine comes with a stainless-steel bedplate, which provides a smooth surface for fabric movement, ensuring precision stitching. The bedplate also adds to the machine’s durability because it is corrosion- and rust-resistant.

Singer Heavy Duty 4452 is a new addition to the sewing machines under $500, which offers several new features compared to its older models.

Features of Singer Heavy Duty 4452

  • Thirty-two built-in stitches, including basic, stretch, decorative, and buttonhole stitches.
  • A maximum sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute for fast and efficient stitching.
  • The stainless steel bedplate provides smooth fabric feed for consistent stitching.
  • Bonus heavy-duty accessories: even feed/walking foot, non-stick foot, 5-pack of needles size 16, clearance plate
  • Adjustable stitch length and width for customization.
  • Free arm for sewing cuffs, collars, and other small items.
  • A transparent bobbin cover so you can easily monitor your thread supply.
  • Rotatory dial for changing stitches quickly and easily.
  • Top drop-in bobbin system for easy loading and monitoring of thread supply.
  • 60% stronger engine than standard sewing machines, allowing it to tackle heavy-duty fabrics quickly and easily.


  • It comes with a range of accessories
  • Stable and balanced sewing experience
  • Budget-friendly machine
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • Easy to setup
  • Lightweight


  • Very hard to use
  • No case for the machine in the box


How does the Singer Heavy Duty 4452 compare to other similar machines?

Singer Heavy Duty 4452 is one of the sewing machines under $500 with several features that set it apart from other machines. It has a wide range of stitches and needle positions, making it perfect for complex fabrics. Additionally, the machine has a built-in quilting foot motor, which makes piecing together large pieces of fabric much easier.

Is Singer 4452 good for beginners?

Yes, the Singer 4452 is a great machine for beginners. It’s easy to use and has various features to help you produce quality work.

Does this machine have a handle to carry since it is supposed to be portable?

Singer Heavy Duty 4452 sewing machine does have a handle that makes it easy to transport.

Is Singer Heavy Duty 4452 a Noisy Sewing Machine?

The Singer Heavy Duty 4452 is a high-quality, heavy-duty sewing machine known for its quiet operation. 4452 is perfect for anyone who wants a reliable and durable sewing machines under $500 that won’t make too much noise.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9985

Singer Quantum Stylist 9985

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 is a sewing machine designed for serious sewists. This machine comes packed with more stitching styles than any other sewing machine in its price range, making it an ideal choice for those who want to upgrade their sewing skills. This is one of our picks for the best sewing machines under $500. With 960 built-in stitches, including basic, stretch, decorative, and alphanumeric stitches, this machine offers various options for any project.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 can create beautiful embroidery designs. It also has over 600 built-in embroidery designs that can be resized and combined to create unique and beautiful designs. Additionally, users can import their designs using a USB flash drive or connect the machine to a computer using the included USB cable, which is a great feature. With such versatility in design options, this machine opens up endless possibilities for creativity.

I recently had the chance to test the Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 sewing machine and was thoroughly impressed with its functionality. As someone well-versed in sewing machines, I found this model to be a cut above the rest. From its sleek design to its practical features, it is easy to see why many sewers choose Singer as their go-to brand.

Features of Singer Quantum Stylist 9985

  • 960 built-in stitches
  • Automatic thread cutter
  • 6 Alphabets
  • 13 buttonhole styles
  • Programmable needle up/down
  • Start/stop button
  • Drop feed
  • Speed control slider
  • Wind thread on Bobin easily
  • Built-in memory


  • Large LCD screen
  • 850 SPM (Stitches Per Minute)
  • Speed control
  • Easy to use
  • The touch screen is superior
  • A Motor makes almost no sound


  • It can be a little challenging
  • The monogram alphabets are pretty lousy
  • Minor inconvenience


Does the Singer Quantum Stylist do embroidery?

Embroidery is a great way to customize your clothing and accessories. It can be done on various fabrics, including cotton, wool, silk, and leather. Embroidery can also be customized to match your specific style. The Singer Quantum Stylist can do embroidery so you can get that personalized touch on your clothing.

Can embroidery be a career?

It can be a good career for someone passionate about it and has the skills to do it well. There are many different types of embroidery, including monogramming, appliqué, and quilting, which you can do. It may be a very useful skill, and people who are good at it find themselves in positions where they can work with various fabrics and designs.

Can I sew Heavy Material with Singer Quantum Stylist 9985?

Yes, you can sew heavy materials with Singer Quantum Stylist 9985. This machine has a wide range of stitches and a powerful motor that makes it easy to sew through thick fabrics.

What are the benefits of using Singer Quantum Stylist 9985?

Benefits of using the Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 include increased accuracy, speed, and versatility. The Singer can make precise cuts, making it ideal for fashion and textile design.

Brother CS6000i

Brother CS6000i

Brother CS6000i is a computerized sewing machines under $500 that makes creating beautiful and professional-looking garments, home décor and quilts easy. Among the best sewing machines under $500, this model is one of our favorites. With its user-friendly design and numerous features, this machine is perfect for beginners and more experienced sewers.

The feature I like about the Brother CS6000i is its wide range of built-in stitches. You can choose 60 different stitch patterns, including decorative, utility, and stretch stitches. It means you can use this machine for all kinds of projects without switching machines or changing settings constantly.

Another good feature of the Brother CS6000i is its automatic needle threading system. That saves you time and frustration by quickly threading the needle for you with just the press of a lever.

It comes with various accessories, including a cleaning brush and an oversized table, so you can finish the job quickly and easily. Plus, the machine has nine presser feet that allow you to perfectly customize your sewing experience.

Features of Brother CS6000i

  • 60 built-in stitches
  • Adjustable sewing speed control
  • Automatic needle threader
  • LCD screen display
  • Wide table expansion
  • Free arm capability
  • Super easy bobbin winding system
  • Adjustable stitch length and width
  • Brightly Lit LED Work Area


  • Versatile machine
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Affordable


  • The pedal control can be sensitive and difficult to regulate


How fast is Brother CS6000i?

The Brother CS6000i sewing machine is a top performer in speed. It can sew up to 600 stitches per minute, which is fast for a standard sewing machine.

How can I fix the error code for the Brother CS6000i?

You can try a few things if you’re getting the error code on your Brother CS6000i sewing machine. First, ensure the power is turned on to the sewing machine. If the power is off, try turning it back on and then try to start the machine. If that doesn’t work, try resetting the machine by unplugging it for 30 seconds, plugging it back in, and pressing the power button. If those don’t work, you can take it to a repair shop.

What are the features of Brother CS6000i?

CS6000i is a high-quality, lightweight sewing machine that is perfect for beginners. It has many features that make it easy to sew, including a built-in needle threader and automatic bobbin winding. Additionally, the machine has a large 8.5″ x 11″ work surface and a built-in light for easy viewing.



4411 is a heavy-duty sewing machine designed for those who need to tackle tough fabrics and large projects. With its powerful motor, this machine can sew through multiple layers of denim, canvas, and leather without tension. It has a maximum sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute, which makes him the fastest among the other sewing machines under $500 on the market.

Singer 4411 stainless steel bedplate provides smooth fabric feeding for even stitching. 4411 also has an adjustable presser foot pressure control, allowing for easy handling of different types of fabrics. Its top drop-in bobbin system makes changing bobbins quick and easy without removing your project from the sewing area. Almost all of the features are present in this model, the higher-end 4452 model, except for the nine stitches available on the latter. However, this should not be a deterrent, as the Singer 4411 still has plenty to offer.

The great thing we like about these sewing machines under $500 is that it comes with an amazing warranty covering any defects in workmanship or materials for up to 25 years. If you are the person who wants the best warranty and performance that this should be your pick. The Singer company stands behind its products and ensures you can rely on your sewing machine for many years.

Features of SINGER 4411

  • A high sewing speed of up to 1,100 stitches per minute
  • Reinforce stitches with reverse sewing options
  • Drop-in bobbin system that makes it simple to insert and remove bobbins
  • Powerful motor that can sew through thick fabrics
  • Free arm for collars, cuffs, and pant hems
  • 25 years limited warranty
  • Adjustable stitch length and width offer customization options for different fabrics and projects
  • Transparent view cover
  • 11 built-in stitches
  • 1-step fully automatic buttonhole


  • User-friendly design
  • High-speed sewing capabilities
  • Adjustable stitch length and width
  • Internal metal frame
  • Quality stitches
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • No automatic tension adjustment
  • It can be loud during operation


What does the Singer 4411 come with?

Singer 4411 comes with a general-purpose foot, a button sewing foot, a buttonhole foot, an edge/quilting guide, class 15 bobbins, spool caps, seam ripper/lint brush, auxiliary spool pins, a soft dust cover, a screwdriver, pack of needles and a spool pin felt.

What is the difference between Singer 4411 vs. Singer 4452?

A main difference between the Singer 4411 and the Singer 4452 is that the 4411 has a lower spindle speed. It means it can sew slower, which may be helpful if you are sewing delicate fabrics or trying to avoid skipped stitches.

What is the price of Singer 4411?

The price of the Singer 4411 is $199.99.

Brother GX37 (Best Portable Sewing Machine)

Brother GX37

Brother GX37 is a mechanical sewing machine that comes at an excellent price. Thanks to its compact size and portability features, it is considered the best portable sewing machine in the market. With 37 built-in stitches, it offers versatility for all your sewing needs, from basic stitching to decorative designs.

Despite being a medium-sized machine, the Brother GX37 runs smoothly without making any noise. That makes it perfect for those who enjoy sewing or working in peace during odd hours. This feature also helps reduce distractions while working on intricate projects requiring concentration and precision.

The most significant advantage of using the Brother GX37 is its user-friendly interface, allowing beginners to get started quickly without feeling overwhelmed. The machine’s simplicity does not compromise its performance; it enhances it by giving users more control over their work.

Besides having few advanced features like competitors, the Brother GX37 gave the best performance in this budget regarding basic sewing tasks such as hemming, mending clothes, or creating small projects.

Features of Brother GX37

  • 1-step auto-size button
  • 37 built-in stitches
  • Free arm
  • Bright LED work area lighting
  • Thread cutter
  • Easy stitch selection
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Tension control dial
  • Feed dog points
  • The drop-in top bobbin system


  • Good value for money
  • Economical sewing machine
  • Best for beginner
  • Suitable for simple quilting straight stitches


  • Not for heavy-duty work


How do you adjust thread tension on the Brother GX37?

Here are a few ways to adjust thread tension on the Brother GX37. First, way is to use the knob on the front of the machine. Another way is to use the tension dial on the back of the machine.

Can I sew leather with my Brother GX37?

Yes, you can sew leather with your Brother GX37. Follow the instructions that come with your sewing machine.

What are the different types of fabrics this machine can sew?

Brother GX37 can sew cotton, polyester, and silk. Additionally, this machine can also sew with metallic threads and heat-resistant fabrics.

SINGER Start 1304

SINGER Start 1304

If you’re looking for a reliable, sturdy, and budget-friendly sewing machines under $500 that can handle basic sewing tasks while traveling, the SINGER Start 1304 is worth considering. It’s the cheapest sewing machine on this list, but don’t let the price tag fool you! This little workhorse has features that make it easy to practice and learn.

First, the SINGER Start 1304 has a strong build quality, ensuring durability and longevity. The heavy-duty metal frame provides stability during use, while the lightweight design makes it easy to transport. So whether you’re heading out on a road trip or need a compact machine to take to your next class or workshop, this model won’t disappoint.

This machine has a metal bedplate, ensuring the fabric stays in place while working. Unlike other sewing machines on the market, this model emits minimal noise, which makes it perfect for use in shared living spaces or at night when others might be asleep.

Features of SINGER Start 1304

  • Dual spool pins
  • Heavy-duty metal frame
  • Four-step buttonhole
  • Six built-in stitches
  • 750 SPM (Stitches Per Minute)
  • Automatic bobbin winding system
  • Three interchangeable presser feet
  • Removal Free Arm
  • Adjustable stitch length and width


  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Lightweight and portable
  • It has basic stitch options
  • It comes with a variety of accessories
  • Quiet sewing machine


  • Plastic components may break easily
  • No automatic needle threader or cutter
  • Problematic front-load bobbin


Does the Start 1304 have a mending stitch?

Singer 1304 does have a mending stitch, but there are better choices for general repairs. The best stitches for general repairs are straight and zigzag stitches.

Is it worth buying SINGER Start 1304?

Yes, the SINGER Start 1304 is a great machine worth buying for those just starting in the sewing industry. It is easy to use and has many features to make your job easier.

What comes with the SINGER Start 1304?

The SINGER Start 1304 has a foot pedal with a power cord, three presser feet, an accessories pouch, and a quick start guide.



Singer has one of the versatile sewing machines under $500 that boasts an impressive array of features and MX231 is one of those model. With its 23 built-in stitches, including basic, decorative, and stretch stitches, this sewing machine makes it easy to create beautiful and professional-looking projects. Also, the MX231 has a one-step buttonhole function that can be customized to fit any size button. It weighs around 15 pounds, making it easy to transport from one place to another.

You can easily adjust the Singer MX231 stitch length and width. It allows users to customize their stitches for different fabrics and project types to finish their work perfectly and accurately. MX231 also includes an automatic needle threader, which saves time and frustration when threading needles.

Other important features of the Singer MX231 include its heavy-duty metal frame for added stability during use. That is especially important when working with thick fabrics or multiple layers of fabric. The sturdy construction ensures no vibration or wobbling during use, which means you can work on your projects without any worry. It’s a free-arm design for easier access when working on cuffs or sleeves.

Features of SINGER MX231

  • 97 built-in stitches
  • One-step buttonhole
  • Adjustable stitch length and width
  • Adjustable presser foot
  • Free arm function
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Front-loading bobbin
  • LED light
  • Easy stitch selection dial
  • Drop feed


  • Durable construction
  • User-friendly features
  • Lightweight and portable
  • LED lighting provides sufficient illumination
  • Perfect for beginner
  • Affordable


  • Not strong and durable
  • Limited stitch options

SINGER Heavy Duty 4432 (Overall Best Sewing Machine)

SINGER Heavy Duty 4432

SINGER Heavy Duty 4432 is a powerhouse of a sewing machine that has earned its place as the overall best sewing machine on our list. This durable and reliable machine is perfect for easily tackling heavy fabrics like denim, canvas, and upholstery material. You can complete your work fastly and efficiently with a maximum sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute, which gives you satisfaction. This is one of our picks for the best sewing machines under $500.

But the SINGER Heavy Duty 4432 isn’t just about power; it also offers a range of features to make your sewing experience more enjoyable. The automatic needle threader saves time and frustration when threading the needle, while the adjustable presser foot pressure allows you to achieve consistent stitching results on any fabric thickness. Plus, there are 32 built-in stitches, including basic, decorative, and stretch stitches, to suit all your needs.

Lastly, the SINGER Heavy Duty 4432 is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and durable sewing machines under $500.

Features of SINGER Heavy Duty 4432

  • Powerful motor
  • Stainless steel bedplate
  • Top Drop-in Bobbin
  • Snap-on Presser Feet
  • On-Board Storage
  • Automatic needle threader
  • 32 built-in stitches
  • Heavy-duty metal frame
  • Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter
  • Automatic reverse function
  • Up to 6mm Stitch Width
  • Adjustable stitch length and width for customization
  • 1,100 stitches per minute
  • Free Arm
  • Fully Automatic 1-step Buttonhole
  • Three Needle Positions
  • Extra-high presser foot lifter for thick fabrics


  • Sew through heavy fabrics
  • Dual needle ability
  • Easy to use
  • Best for beginner
  • Plenty of features
  • Seven-segment feed system


  • This machine did not come with a paper user manual
  • Uneven auto-locking stitching

Comparison between the above Sewing Machines

Singer 4452 vs Singer 4432 vs Singer 4411

Product NameSinger 4452 Singer 4432Singer 4411
Product ImagesSinger 4452 Singer 4432 Singer 4411
Price$200.00 $190.00$170.00
Our Rating
Brand  SingerSingerSinger  
CategorySewing MachineSewing MachineSewing Machine  


Body MaterialMetalMetalMetal
Dimensions15.5 x 6.25 x 12 inches15.2 x 6.25 x 12 inches18 x 8.8 x 13.4 inches
Sewing Area
Weight (lbs)15.714.614.5


Sewing Speed1,1001,100 SPM1,100
Sewing Speed ControlNoYesNo
Drop FeedYesYesYes
Foot Pressure AdjustmentYesYesYes
Free Arm ConfigurationYesYesYes
Knee LiftYesNo
Needle PositioningAdjustableAdjustableAdjustable
Needle ThreadingAutomaticAutomaticManual
Number of Presser Feet644
Thread CuttingManualManualNo
Thread SensorNoNoNo
Thread Tension ControlNo
1-Step ButtonholesYesYesNo

Stitching Features

Buttonholes Styles111
Custom StitchesNoNoNo
Lock StitchingNoNoNo
Max Stitch Length
Max Stitch Width6.0 mm6.0 mm5mm
Adjustable Stitch LengthYesYesYes
Adjustable Stitch WidthYesYesYes
Number of Stitches323211
Reverse StitchesYesYesAutomatic
Stitch SelectionDialDialDial

Automatic Features

Automatic ButtonholesYesYesYes
Automatic Speed AdjustmentNoNoNo


BobbinClass 15Class 15Class 15
Bobbin TypeTop drop-inDrop-inTop loading, Drop-in
Bobbin WindingNoManualManual
Dedicated Bobbin Winding MotorNoNo
LCD Screen DisplayNoNoNo
LCD Screen Size
Touch Screen LCD
LED LightningYesYesYes
Extension TableNoNoNo
Start/Stop ButtonManuallyManuallyManually
Warranty25 Years25 Years25 Years
AccessoriesGeneral Purpose Foot, Zipper Foot, Buttonhole Foot, Button Sewing Foot, Edge/Quilting Guide, Pack of Needles, Bobbins, Spool Caps, Auxiliary Spool Pin, Spool Pin Felt, Screwdriver, Seam Ripper/Lint Brush, Soft Dust CoverAll-Purpose Foot, Zipper Foot, Buttonhole Foot, Button Sewing Foot, Seam Ripper/Lint Brush, Quilting Guide, Needles, Bobbins, Screwdriver, Auxiliary Spool Pin, Spool Pin Felt, Soft-Sided Dust Cover, Instruction Manual, Power Cord, Foot Controller, Quick Start GuideNeedles, Bobbins, Spool caps, Presser Feet, Buttonhole, Button Sewing, Zipper, Screwdriver, Lint brush/seam puller, Power cord, Quilting/stitch guide, Instruction manual

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What is the Best Brother Sewing Machines under $500?

Brother CS6000i is one of the best sewing machines under $500. This machine is designed for various sewing projects, from quilting and crafting to garment construction and home décor. It features a wide selection of built-in stitches, an easy-to-use LCD, and an automatic needle threader that makes threading the machine a breeze. The machine also includes adjustable speed control and a free arm for sewing cuffs and sleeves. Also, it comes with many accessories, such as an extra spool pin, bobbins, needles, and more. With its features and affordability, the Brother CS6000i is an excellent choice for anyone searching for a reliable sewing machine under $500.

What are the best machines for beginners under $500?

There are a few great options for beginners who are looking for a sewing machines under $500. A good sewing machine for beginners should be easy to use and have features that let you learn the basics of sewing. One great option is the Singer Start 1304. This machine offers six built-in stitches, an automatic needle threader, and adjustable length and width. It’s also lightweight and portable, making it easy to store away when not in use.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Sewing Machines Under $500?

First, consider the features that you need in a sewing machines under $500. Do you need an automatic thread cutter or adjustable stitch length? Is speed important? Are you looking for a machine with multiple presser feet and decorative stitches? Your search may be made more focused if you are aware of the aspects that are most important to you.

Second, look at the warranty coverage and customer service the manufacturer offers. Parts and labor should be covered by a decent warranty for at least a year after the purchase. Additionally, ensure customer service is available if something goes wrong with your machine.

Finally, read reviews of various machines online to understand how well they perform in real-world situations.

Which is the most popular sewing machine brand?

The most known sewing machine brand is Singer. For more than 150 years, Singer has been a pioneer in the sewing business and is renowned for its price, dependability, and quality. Its machines come in various styles and sizes, from basic models to more advanced ones, with features like automatic threading and adjustable stitch length. Additionally, Singer offers a wide selection of accessories and add-ons to enhance your sewing experience. Whether you’re a beginner or have experience in sewing, Singer has something for everyone.

Brother is another popular brand of sewing machines. It offers a range of models at different price points, from basic to more advanced ones, with features like automatic buttonholers and needle threaders. Brother also provides an extensive selection of accessories, such as feet and bobbins, to help make your projects easier to complete.

Janome is another well-known sewing machine brand that produces high-quality, easy-to-use, reliable, and reliable machines.

What is the best Lightweight and Portable Sewing Machines under $500?

Singer Start 1304 is a lightweight, portable sewing machine for under $500. It is light and portable because of its 12 pounds weight. 1304 has six built-in stitches, a 4-step buttonhole, adjustable stitch length and width, and an automatic bobbin winding system.


Finding the best sewing machines under $500 is difficult, but we hope our in-depth reviews have helped narrow down your options. Each machine we’ve reviewed has unique features and advantages, so take your time to consider what you need in a sewing machine. Remember that investing in a quality machine can ultimately save you money by producing high-quality projects that will last for years. Any sewer can benefit from one of the machines on this list, whether they are experienced or beginner sewers. So, what are you waiting for?

Are you still confused?

If you still have doubts in mind about which sewing machine from the list provided is the best for you, rest assured that I am here to help. You can contact me through Live Chat, and I will try my best to help you in selecting the ideal one based on your needs.

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